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New Qualification Fees for 2020
Fees for all 2020 ACEC-WAQTC Qualifications will be $350 per qualification, effective January 1, 2020. This is the first time that the qualification fees have been increased since the program began fifteen (15) years ago. The increased fees will allow for additional qualification sessions and session locations starting in 2020, including; re-certification only sessions between November and January each season; additional sessions between February and July of each year; and sessions offered at ITD District 4 in Shoshone, starting in February 2020. Unless otherwise stated for specific sessions, the current cancellation policy will apply to all qualification sessions under the new fee structure.
AsTT I/II Certification Sign-ups
For those seeking either the AsTT or the AsTT II Qualification, sign-up online for one of the AsTT I/II sessions, then indicate on your registration form which qualification (AsTT or AsTT II) you are seeking. If you are paying by check, include a copy of your registration with your check. For those who paid online, notify the examiner at the time of the written exam which qualification (AsTT or AsTT II) you are seeking. Please contact us if you have any questions.


In preparation for the upcoming ACEC-WAQTC qualification session, we remind you that we continue to monitor COVID-19 in Idaho. While wearing masks is not a requirement at the training facility, we respect those who choose to do so and will continue to take steps to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for both candidates and staff. If you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms prior to the exam please contact us so we can make appropriate accommodations to ensure the safety of all.  Thank you for your continued support of these efforts.


Thank you,

Travis Thomsen

ACEC of Idaho – WAQTC Coordinator



Sofia Oliva

ACEC/WAQTC Program Administrator

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